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, in itself are a complete web solutions that builds a chain of constant yet dynamic interaction among st the members of your company, enabling them to communicate and share all information just within themselves. A well-designed user friendly hosted intranet can enhance internal communication through document management and the automation of discreet business processes such as meeting room bookings, holiday bookings and internal telephone directories. Our professional web development company offers a wide range of Intranet solutions for the businesses with their own Intranet network. Your intranet can be an extension of your Web site, accessible remotely through any Internet connection via password verification. Furthermore, our intranets include web content management system to give you maximum flexibility and control of your intranets' content.

Effective intranets include professional email, document management, project management, calendaring, and contact management tools. A complete set of intranet development features allows business to grow by enhancing information sharing capabilities. Intranet solution gives project teams and businesses access to collaborative tools with just an Internet connection and can double as a company intranet and a customer portal. An intranet is a private computer network that uses Internet technologies to securely share any part of an organization's information or operational systems with its employees. Sometimes the term refers only to the organization's internal website, but often it is a more extensive part of the organization's computer infrastructure and private websites are an important component and focal point of internal communication and collaboration.

Your Intranet solution will allow your employees to keep in co-ordination and informed of important company information, policies and work processes. You can extend your intranet via the Web to access your information anytime, anywhere from any computer, as the system is compatible.Delhi,India based Megasoftwares' intranet solutions in New Delhi, facilitates you to create any number of "nets" within your own site. We have experience of creating intranets with established names including Hindustan Times and Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye hospital and other brands in New Delhi and other parts of India and abroad.
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