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Machine Learning in IoT - IoT Software and Hardware Company India

Machine Learning in IoT - IoT Software and Hardware Company India

Human brain is a powerful computer. In case of machine learning  scientists and engineers have been trying to replicate the process of learning as it is seen in humans. When it comes to interpretation by human brain, the same input signal will not necessarily send the same feedback and the same output. The feedback and output will depend upon and vary with experiences as the  neural pathways are changing and adapting according to the same. The similar is being tried to be achieved in Machine Learning for more accurate analysis and results.

Machine learning is basically a part of Artificial Intelligence programs that makes a system smart enough to learn on its own without actually being programmed for that task. The IoT universe counts in all sorts of sensors and smart devices that are plugged into the internet and capable of exchanging data with each other. Machine learning is of great use in IoT too.
Automatic Data Analysis -  Industrial companies and factories produce a substantial amount of data on a daily basis. But its a challenge to systematically collect, store, analyze and use such data to improve process efficiency or energy monitoring and management. Here, ML can be of help.  Our custom build Iot App with ML module makes a completely reversed top-down approach in analysis possible. In other words, when we give some desired outcome, the machine finds the factors and variables that are supposed to lead to this outcome.

There might be many devices and sensors working on different parameters in a single industrial unit and IoT Application with a ML module assist in making all these work together precisely.

Device management and data integration - A single chain of action like sensing you are about to reach, opening the main door once you enter the gate, switching on the lights and the AC and the electric kettle to keep the hot water ready in the pot and also switching on the washing machine parallely so that the clothes are done to be hung by the time you have relaxed. With a professionally developed IoT app in you mobile, the system gathers diversified data from all these different sources and sensors, analyses them, creates the connection between all that data to start the chain of actions. The system basically remembers the chain of actions until you make a change to it to which the ML will adapt itself. And without ML module this can be a challenge.

Hence, we can understand that a   machine-learning system helps us understand and establish long-term trends. This requires a huge job of selecting, recognizing, sorting, processing and associating a vast amount of collected data in order to make the correct predictions and prompt expected actions or reporting.

Predictive Analysis - As we know, with the stored knowledge and experience gained by ML, different ML algorithms can actually learn whatever is a typical expected perfect for the machine and also detect whenever something abnormal starts occurring. This can help avoiding any mis -happenings and help save energy.
MegaSoftwares has been developing custom Internet of Things and Machine Learning Softwares and providing hardwares too to different industries for various requirements like electricity monitoring and energy saving, monitoring and managing the AC at the ATM's etc.

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