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Sales management software, as speaks for itself, is a software that helps you manage your entire sales team and their targets. We all know sale executives do not stay for very long in a position/seat. This software records all about the entire team as per hierarchy including their calls, visits, deals cracked, minutes of meetings, commitments, deliveries, failures, anything and everything. They get better organized by being able to manage their contacts, track sales deals, and ultimately reduce time spent on admin.

Megasoftware's software development team ensures this software makes it easier for the new sales joiners to accomplish their tasks and targets in a shorter span than the earlier person on the post. With all the available details and a short training session, sales representative can start working with customers and start closing deals, the earlier ths begins the quicker he or she will impact the company's bottom line, translating into even higher revenues.

Following are the key features taken into consideration -

Contact Management - Sales is about contacts, people to people. We organize your customer data in a centralized location, his contact number, demographic, customer service interaction can be saved and retrieved here and is useful for future offers, deals and prediction of sale probability with that client.

User friendly Dashboard - Our software dashboard is extremely user friendly and attractive. Simple and useful work flow assist in easing out any confusions even for a non techie.

Lead management - Including features like automated capturing, intelligent selection, scheduling leads and tracking the process and results, deals cracked till now and payment precision and connecting it with the contact management module, this module helps you get a 360-degree view of the sales activity.

Deals and Tasks and goal tracking - Using customer data, understanding requirement from past deals and using real time data, this tool allows you to add, assign and track significant items and add them to your business pipeline. You can accordingly assign tasks and set targets for your team.

Campaign Management - Once a campaign has been decided over, this tool assists in setting up target clients, streamlining of work processes, and measurement of success on predefined metrics. 

Analytics - Tit bit knowledge about a deal like the sources producing the most revenue, the conversion examination at each stage, where did the communication lack, the business response time, payment time lapse, which product gave the best revenue around what time of the year etc, are a big help while taking future investment and production decisions.

Sales order management - This is one of the most important feature starting from the first connection with the client, offer, adjustments, commitments to converting the sale, sales order, PO, emails, pick list, inventory management, vendor management, delivery management, warehouse management  etc.

Alerts - Based on previous sales history, low stock alerts and alerts like pending payments, pending approvals  or pending order deliveries help you maintain client trust and face value of the company in the industry.

mobile app - With a whole team to manage in its hierarchy and keep  in touch with the day to day and day wise updates of sales and client connections, its important  you be able to access y our software easily from anywhere , on your laptop or mobile. Hence, we also build a mobile app version of the same.

Multiple tracking - This software enables you to track the exact location of products by Lot Numbers, Batch Numbers, and Serial Numbers. This feature becomes extremely helpful if you need to facilitate a product recall for a group of similar products.

Account permissions - This helps you to set permissions to your members such as all-access Managers, Users, and Read-only users. As a Manager, you can assign contacts and deals to your team. This helps to maintain secrecy of a project within the required members.

advanced security - Its of utmost importance to keep your customer data, deal details and projects and tender details completely secure from any external theft, internal misuse or leaks. Our software helps protect the information through cutting-edge security mechanisms. As a result, outside breach risks are virtually eliminated, while internal sales executives can see only those leads that fall under their specific territory or area of responsibility via account permissions.

document storage - This module makes it easy for your team can easily attach every related document to their deal and Collect and store sales documents in one easy-to-access place.

real time notifications - Just like the alerts spoken of above, you will get real time notifications when an activity is created, a deal is at communication or even at risk, or someone responds to an activity comment thread that you are active on. We won't let you miss any opportunity.

detailed reports - With detailed reporting, you can view all sales activity from any time period in a line chart. Sales managers can view activities by salesperson, by team, or for the entire company or as you wish them to see and manage.

quotations - Assists in Creating sales quotes, manage price lists, product lines, discount levels and forward as and when decided.

email and pdf generation - This part facilitates Automatic generation of PDFs for sending or printing, sending HTML email etc. This feature is useful when you wish to send New Year of Festival greetings or any deal discount announcements.
opportunity prediction - Depending upon past data of cracked deals and payment received and history of a particular client, the software intelligently helps you make a prediction for future product demands and sale probability.

Stated above are a few main features of the custom built Sales Management Software developed by India's leading web and software development company. Removing all the management stress off their mind, our software opens the mind fields of your teams to yield better. We keep them ever ready to make a sale ! Connect to us for more details about our cloud based software solutions.


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