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Manufacturing sector, despite being an intensive energy consuming sector is one of the fastest growing sectors. Energy management is one of the most hard-to-manage costs in manufacturing because of high levels of unpredictability and instability. On the other hand, usage of energy has the potential to be one of the best cost savings methods. Energy efficiency can be increased by reducing consumption and keeping a check on any misuse or leakage and this can help companies not only reduce operation but also  sustain their competitiveness.

The first step in assessing the potential for efficiency savings is to access and  understand the patterns of all forms of energy use and other utilities. Production unit of a factory consumes the maximum energy.

Operating from Mohali, Delhi based cloud IoT solutions company, MegaSoftwares has been providing EMS hardwares and softwares to factories all over India on a vast scale thereby improving their energy efficiency by upto 30%. To count a few, we are proudly partnered with names like Motherson, Action Shoes, Aqualite, Tata Power, Trinityenergy, Vishal Megamart, Escorts and many more for their extensive energy management solutions and other customized softwares.

Our energy management system allows close monitoring of machinery run hours and prevent wastage through idle running of machine thereby reducing the energy consumption in the particular unit. The plant manager has access to all data through the system and can easily organize and visualize key energy and other parameters in real time. This serves like an efficient diagnostic tool for identifying and solving energy problems and enhancing opportunities for cost savings.

The software also assists in predictive maintenance. Time to time verification of  daily load helps identify and manage the demand spikes. This then helps establish a pattern to reduce the overall demand charges paid to the electricity board.

Main features of our EMS Software -

Real-time Data Management

Energy consumption and cost of utilities can be measured on minutes, hourly, daily,weekly, monthly or annual basis at any management level. Through our Artificial Intelligence based software, you can set benchmarks and compare current performance with set targets. This enables you to analyze the use of energy and utilities to support energy efficiency improvements.

Dashboard Visualization

A very user friendly clean and clear dashboard assists in performance calculation, data displays and reporting. The navigation menu and dashboard displays can be customized from the user interface. It also provides KPI, alerts and alarm management  functions.

Regular Reporting

Critical parameters and insights in daily reports, for sure help improve productivity.

Adjustment and Compatibility

If you already have the energy meters installed, we help you integrate data from any  MODBUS device and provide a comprehensive solution.

Equipment Health Monitoring

System provides data for health monitoring of electrical equipment and timely alerts.


Data security is of  utmost importance. Data is secured and mirrored in the cloud to ensure the same.


The AI based system identifies anomalies in trend and notifies on the Dashboard. Event  log with time stamp is also created for detailed analysis.

Cloud Server

The EMS tool is hosted on a cloud server which makes data available seamlessly and  enables be access from any location and on any device.

Automated billing

To save its clients from the hassles of billing or spending a handsome sum for  outsourcing your billing operations, our system is enabled with an automated billing module.

As mentioned earlier, we offer customized solutions to our clients, share what you need and it would be built for you !

Our team ensures excellence through quality solutions and support.


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