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Why Should You Have A Blog Page .

Why Should You Have A Blog Page .

A blog is basically a kind of website managed by an individual or a small group of people  
where the content is visible in reverse chronological order (newer content appear first).These  
Blog Posts, as they are termed are usually in a conversational pattern. Yes, this is a kind of  
website but unlike a blog which is regularly updated, a website which gives information is not  
updated that regularly and is usually not in conversational style.

As you must have often heard, "Content is King", a blog page on your website can help a good  

- Blog Keeps your website fresh - Although you must be updating your portfolio page every now  
and then but the rest of the informational pages on your custom designed website stay as they  
are for pretty long spans. A blog helps you keep your website fresh and updated maintaining  
Google's interest, as it loves new and updated content and simultaneously that of your online  

- It increases  your dwell time - When you have blog posts, it brightens the chances of the  
visitor to stay on your website for a longer time which conveys the message to Google that  
this website might be helpful. This dwell time helps you in your SEO.

- Easier to use your specific keywords - Keyword stuffing is what Google definitely hates!!  
you can't use the same or very similar keywords on the same pages over and over again. You  
fresh blog posts give you space to talk of those long tail keywords.

- You can create internal links - Internal links connecting different pages of your website  
also is pretty helpful. The more newer pages, the more ease of internal linking.

- Connect with your audience - A blog is a good way to share anything and everything you wish  
to to establish connections .

- Serves as a showcase - Your posts help  you connect to like minded people by bringing forth  
your talents, skills and interests and it can even help you generate income.

- NGO's use blogs to raise awareness, run social media campaigns, and influence public opinion

MegaSoftwares, India's leading SEO company and Digital Marketing Company, based in Delhi,  
offers content writing and blog writing services to its clients to help them achieve their  
desired goals.


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