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Machine Ethics - AI Software Ethics

Machine Ethics - AI Software Ethics

Each and every industry today starting right from our Good morning news App in our smart phone to grocery discounts and offers to supply chains, healthcare, fuel, global banking, everything is becoming automated. All this is based on Machine learning Apps and Artificial Intelligence software. But these applications and softwares cannot possibly keep each and every possible situation and individual in consideration for their calculations and permutations.
MegaSoftwares is a Delhi based AI and ML software development company that serves clients from various industries pertaining to their specific software requirements. But there's much much more to AI than just these apps we know of. The programs developed for world’s complex civic and corporate systems have to address to a huge community and its needs, but these programs were not being able to maintain balance and equality. AI has given the power to machines to make life-altering, everyday decisions about people. The increasing demand and use of AI has also been leading to unemployment when it comes to a large scale consideration.
Examples abound. In 2014, Amazon developed a recruiting tool for identifying software engineers it might want to hire; the system swiftly began discriminating against women, and the company abandoned it in 2017. In 2016, ProPublica analyzed a commercially developed system that predicts the likelihood that criminals will re-offend, created to help judges make better sentencing decisions, and found that it was biased against blacks. - Data picked from
AI definitely challenges human brain capacity and efficacy. This brought up the need for Machine Ethics. Machine ethics (or machine morality) is the field of research concerned with designing Artificial Moral Agents (AMAs), robots or artificially intelligent computers that behave morally or as though moral. The question remains - Is ethical AI actually possible? What would be the fixed ethics that would be circulated to be followed ? Would all this differ from software to software and industry to industry?
Different regions have different lifestyles and social cultures which would need to be morally considered if AI is helping the people there in usual activities like a self driven car.
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