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Impacts of AI and ML on Social Life

Impacts of AI and ML on Social Life

Artificial Intelligence is not miraculous pool of water but has the potential to help tackle some of the world’s most challenging social problems. AI and ML are no doubt empowering our thought process by controlling what products and services we see. Half of our day is spent on the internet and more than half of our daily life decisions, right from which deodorant to pick to which Touchscreen mobile to opt for to paying bills and purchasing groceries, even vacation decisions and bookings and doctor consultations etc all are empowered by these powerful technologies.

Machine Learning is this day's most dynamic and progressive form of human-like Artificial Intelligence. It is serving extensively in various industries like  automobiles, construction, medicine, finance etc. to automate procedures, in reducing the processing time and to remove the possibility of human errors, as you can read in other blogs and IoT Industries pages of ours. With all this, the processes become faster, well in  time and flawless.

Let's quickly point out a few without moving into details -

- wearable medical devices that help keep a track of a heart patients well being and alerts the doctor and the patient and even the family of any upcoming situation that  
needs attention.

- telemedicine helping in medical consultation from miles away

- AI assisting in traffic signal control and environment monitoring to raise public alerts in case of an upcoming natural situation.

- AI alerting the departments about noise pollution on the roads

- ML aided drones aiding disaster-relief efforts

- ML can help in tracking down deforestation, water shortages and alert about other geographical changes.

- Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are proving a great help in education sector too. Customizing the courses as per every child’s unique set of skills and abilities and benefiting the entire generation .This is a commendable assistance in the education sector of specially the developing countries.

- Making daily life easier by Smart homes, Smart Automation etc.

- AI aided Energy Management Softwares help keep energy wastage and bills in check and alert of any misuse, wastage or leakage that might cause any accidents. This is a  
wonderful achievement of great assistance to factories of all sectors and industries.

- AI softwares embedded in custom build company intranets and control panels help in cutting down on repetitive manual tasks hence saving man force and time and improving  
on the productivity.

- Coming to daily purchases, big or small and influencing your own choice of lifestyle, AI is an assistance to the advertising world as it helps to predict what types of ads emotionally impact the customer's purchasing behavior. WIth the large amount of data these softwares collect and study, advertisers are able to focus on related product recommendations, search results and social news feed items the viewer might be interested in.

MegaSoftwares is a Delhi based Artificial Intelligence Development Company in India that believes Technology transforms for the better when used wisely.


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