Cloud Based Education Software Assisting Schools and Colleges During The Pandemic

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How Has Technology Helped Education System During The Pandemic

How Has Technology Helped Education System During The Pandemic

COVID19 has impacted the world in a way what economists call a Black Swan event, which has not spared any business sectors from tourism to retail, from the corporate world right to the small businessman or dail wagers. The education sector hasn't remained unscarred either.

In order to keep the learning and growth secure, education sector around the world had to find innovative and practical approaches taking up to new ways teaching and learning in a surprisingly short span. Speaking of schools and colleges, AI based software solutions have begun helping the cause through technology upgrades in school/university management systems.

What features do you think would form the basic architecture of such an education model?

Online classes
Multiple platforms like Zoom and Blackboard have become eminent amidst the crisis to enable live-streaming with interactive distance learning and the use of different smart devices and platforms for students and teachers. This offers convenience to both the students and the faculty to successfully run the remote classes. It is crucial to keep children engaged in learning outside of schools.

Mobile Apps
Cloud based application development is assisting the management to include systems for learning management, assessment, teacher support, school management, and parents and student support. Such apps encourage smooth communication and understanding between students/parents and the institute. It is a perfect way to access short viewable content in the forms of videos, live sessions, and questionnaires and even updating of assessments, exams, entrances etc.

This digital system has made it easy for students to maintain notes, download home tasks and submit their assignments within speculated time frame b a password protected login system.

Integration with the education CRM adds to the benefits. To understand the features of the same, please read through our page - Education CRM Development India

Online Application Process
Just like all other processes, applications for the new upcoming sessions also had to be taken to the internet. Digital application procedure would help do away with any chaos that could have been caused if the admissions would have come to a complete halt.  An online entrance examination process will for sure save a lot of time and resources on both the applicant and the institute’s side.

Although this tech-enabled education system sounds very interesting and realistic but it comes with its own set of challenges at all ends, be it the developer end, the school/college front or the teachers/students side. This calls in for a very good internet, devices to attend the classes, a minimal understanding to be able to use the apps and modules, an overall digital infrastructure.
This mode of education will also help fresh college graduates to have an access to virtual placements in companies, hence not letting the employment system to come to a standstill and also enabling companies to survive through this phase.

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