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Types of Ecommerce Websites - Online Shopping Websites

Types of Ecommerce Websites - Online Shopping Websites

Since the time e-commerce evolved, the online shopping business models used have also progressed rapidly. Having begun for retailers to expand their visibility and reach to consumers and for airlines to sell tickets has heightened into an independent business. Our ecommerce development company in India has been providing to notch services in all possible web solutions like CRM development in India, Incident management software development, energy management solution in India etc. We have been proudly serving clients from all industries and sectors all over the globe.

We know about the types of ecommerce based on business models and types of ecommerce wesbites as per revenue models, now let's peep into the type of ecommerce websites that they are selling through.

One seller, i.e. individual brand -

A website like Adidas, Puma, Baggit, McDonalds will sell products only of their individual brand, one seller website. Most private online shopping websites fall under this category, like a woman taking online orders for food she prepares and delivers with her team or a private company selling its organic skin care products online. Hence, such websites are vendor-specific that only sell the goods or services of one individual or one business.
A selected number of sellers on the same platform i.e. online retailers -

Websites selling products of similar industry manufactured by different people or brands, like, diapers.com,nykaa or etsy .
Marketplaces with multiple sellers -

These websites are like a virtual big market with many shops, many vendors, many products, a lot of variety. They sell just everything for almost everyone.  These marketplaces have some rules as to what can be sold, and will take action in if there’s a dispute between vendor and customer, thereby also maintaining the business freedom of their vendors to sell on their platform. eg, Amazon marketplace, eBay, Walmart.
Online selling can further be considered or categorized into types selling in other ways, like, auction websites for branded items, property or rental sites with online booking and payments through which you loan your property or vehicle to travelers, comparison websites that recommend what sites you should shop from or avail services from like policybazar and so on.
Let’s talk about some –

Megamall or Market places –

 Megamalls and marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart have been popular since a decade now. These are online malls with a variety of products being sold by many different vendors under the same virtual roof. Customers select and buy by paying through cards, net banking or COD. Through this model, buyers can compare, survey, research the products, styles, prices etc from their comfortable couch and mobile. It also has enabled entrepreneurs to access wider markets and local products can be sold across the country as well as be exported across the globe. These are basically Horizontal marketplaces serving as One Stop Shop, that is all possible categories of products in different variety from different vendors under one same roof.
The vertical Marketplace

This model focuses on a single category of products from different vendors, like just cosmetics from different vendors, just handbags, just lenses and eye gears etc. In this way these online websites master the particular category. To name a few, Lens kart, Bag Kart, Zimave, Jewelsnext etc.
The deal maker –

Who doesn’t look out for available coupons and deals before placing an order at an online grocery store, clothing store or a restaurant for that matter?! Such deals not only attract new customers who would not mind spending a discounted price to try for a service but also helps the local businesses gain back the lapsed customer. Online sites like Grab on, Coupon etc offer great deals from a wide variety of local businesses over a wide range of products and services such as home décor, gadgets, travel, food & beverage , health checkups etc.
Auctions and Community buying –

Online sale through lowest unique bid system is also gaining popularity these days. The bidders can participate by paying a minimal, usually a low fee and they need to make a bid that is not only the lowest but also that has not been made by anyone till yet. Since the auction attracts a large number of bidders due to low participation fees, often the bids exceed the value of the item being sold, hence bringing profits to the auction organizer.eg, Ebay, WebStore, Online Auction, Olx  etc.

Community buying or group buying works on offering products and services at significantly reduced prices but there need to be a minimum number of buyers to make the purchase. Buyers then print off a voucher to claim their discount at the retailer. These are basically eCommerce sites that make best use of social networking to bring together enough buyers to become eligible for group discounts like on Fratsy.
Aggregators or Comparison Portals –

With countless online websites for the same product, it’s almost impossible to be able to keep track of the best deals and prices on these online selling stores. Here’s where these Aggregators or Comparison Portals play their role. These search dozens of sites within a particular category simultaneously and compile that information at one place so that customers don’t need to go hunting themselves. Some examples are Policywala.com, Saavn.com, TripAdvisor etc.
Facebook commerce –

Facebook is one of the most active social networking websites in the world. It has its own business and ecommerce section too helping connect entrepreneurs, sellers, buyers. The business pages here can be nurtured and promoted through references, word of mouth, tags and facebook Ads. Being socially connected here enables better communication and trust building. This model has served both the product and service industry.
Single brand store –

This refers to the brick store being converted to or connected to their click store. Famous brands retain online selling models, offering discounts, deals and offers on their own customized ecommerce shopping websites or ecommerce mobile apps and advertise both in physical market as well as online market using AI and cloud based softwares.eg, Voylla, Tanishk, Hushpuppies, ASOS,ONLY, Woodland etc.
Personalization –

Think of a product and service and you can have it personalized or customised. Be it a custom website design, a custom designed tee shirt, a custom assembled computer, a personalized family calendar, anything and everything basically. Choose your thing, from the sort and filter options and there you go on a single click. Choose, pay online and get delivered on your door step.

Invite Only Sale or Flash Sale –

Who is unaware of the Amazon great Diwali sale or the Flipkart bumper sale, almost all brands form every possible industry have introduced the concept of flash or invite sales. In this type of ecommerce website model , the products or service is available on sale online at a specific time for a limited period and usually even in limited series.
Purchases through Playing –

Another concept is play games, win points and encash shopping coupons or vouchers of particular stores and products or services. Interesting haan !

The virtual world seems to be vaster than the world we can see and feel. Consumers have been led into expecting the online experience to exceed the offline experience. And for this to happen, businesses need to continue offering great products, deals and services.

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