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Features of Inventory Management Software

Features of Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the tracking cycle from purchases to sales, providing efficient management across the supply chain.
Here are the essential features of a comprehensive warehouse management software:

Item Listing:
  • Streamline stock by categorizing items based on availability, cost, etc. 
  • Enable systematic management of items with essential details.
Raw Material Tracking:
  • Track available raw materials and estimate future production demand.
  • Prevent unnecessary stockpiling and reduce costs associated with excess inventory.
Asset Tracking:
  • Utilize barcode, serial number, and tracking number systems to monitor warehouse products accurately.
Account Evaluation:
  • Utilize tools such as cost layering, measurements, overhead allocations, and disclosures.
  • Ensure accurate estimation and calculation of stocks while maintaining expense control.
Auto Refilling of Stock:
  • Automatically generate messages and reorder required items before stock depletion.
  • Optimize inventory levels for regularly used items, reducing stockouts and improving efficiency.
Barcode Scanning:
  • Facilitate electronic data exchange through scanners and mobile devices, improving accuracy and speed.
Multi-Warehouse Management:
  • Consolidate inventory tracking across multiple warehouses into a single software solution.
  • Simplify manual labor and effectively manage inventory at all locations.
Serial Number Tracking:
  • Easily track product location and availability through serial numbers, from receipt to delivery.
Alerts Module:
  • Receive real-time notifications for critical events, such as low stock levels or factory emergencies.
  • Enhance proactive management and minimize operational disruptions.

    Other than the above, depending on requiremnts of the industry there could be additional features that can enhance the inventory management software,like :
Demand Forecasting:
  • Utilize historical data and statistical algorithms to predict future demand accurately.
  • Optimize inventory levels and reduce stockouts or overstocking.
Reporting and Analytics:
  • Generate comprehensive reports and gain actionable insights into inventory performance.
  • Analyze trends, identify bottlenecks, and make informed business decisions.
Integration with Suppliers:
  • Establish seamless communication channels with suppliers for automated order placement and updates.
  • Streamline procurement processes and reduce manual intervention.
Returns and Exchanges Management:
  • Manage and track product returns, exchanges, and warranties efficiently.
  • Streamline the handling of customer requests and improve customer satisfaction.
Mobile Access:
  • Provide mobile compatibility for on-the-go access to inventory information and management.
  • Enable remote tracking and real-time updates.
Integration with E-commerce Platforms:
  • Connect with popular e-commerce platforms to synchronize inventory levels and automate order processing.
  • Enhance accuracy and efficiency in managing online sales channels.
At our cloud software development company in Punjab,India; these additional features can be tailored based on specific business requirements. Read more -

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