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Features of Inventory Management Software

Features of Inventory Management Software

Inventory management system is a cloud based software that eases down your track cycle right from your purchases to your sales. Inventory has different classifications at different points in the supply chain. It also enables you to keep a check on your warehouse handlers, transporters, delivery drivers, workers etc by keeping a check at the products at all stages.
Let’s see what would be the minimal features of a warehouse management software -

 List of Items
This module uses daily essential details like availability, cost etc to streamline the stock by categorizing them as you wish to and be able to manage them systematically.
Raw material tracking
This module enables you to keep a track of how much raw material is available with you and how much more would be needed to meet the upcoming production demand. It would save you the cost and the possibility of spoiling of extra raw material which gets stocked in case of wrong estimates.
Asset tracking
Using barcode, serial number and tracking number, team can keep a check on the products stored in the warehouse.
Account evaluation
For an accurate estimate or calculation of stocks, this module will use tools like cost layering, disclosures, measurements, overhead allocations etc. Hence, it keeps expenses in check and well planned.
Auto refilling of raw material of stock
In case of items being regularly used, when the stock is about to finish, this module will generate a message and can even re order the required items automatically in the time cycle decided by you.
Barcode scanning
This feature allows electronic exchange of data through scanners and mobiles.
Check on multiple warehouses
In case of stock being kept at multiple places, a single inventory or warehouse management software helps you ease down the manual labor of keeping track of inventory at all places. You can manage them all from a single solution.
Tracking through serial numbers
Any number of products can be tracked for their location and availability through serial numbers easily from the receival to the delivery.
Alerts module
In case of any emergency which might be an important commodity fallen to a minimal count or an emergency in your factory like misuse of machines using up electricity and rising bills or faulty machinery etc, such situations can be tackled through this software and through the factory management CRM.
Through our cloud based energy management software, you can keep a wise check on your electricity bill and bring them down by a certain percentage too. Other than the above said features, you can discuss your custom requirements and we shall build a plan suitable to you within your budget.

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