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How IoT Works - Explained by Delhi/NCR's Leading IoT App Company

How IoT Works - Explained by Delhi/NCR's Leading IoT App Company

Internet of Things, IoT, has brought the science fiction of reel life into real life! "Things" can refer  to a car, a coffee pot, an electricity meter, a runner, a heart patient, anyone and anything that can send a message that can be interpreted. Based at Delhi , we are associated with various sectors and industries not only in Delhi /NCR but all over India for their IoT hardware and software solutions and its equally amazing with each project to see how wide is the scope of an IoT application in day to day life.

Just like introduction of internet has made us communicate better and work better, be it official matters to be discussed via mails, stored in excels, designed in Photoshop, be them school projects or kitchen recipes browsed at Google and You tube, Internet has connected us to the World Wide Web. Similarly, Internet of Things has take this connectivity to the next level by connecting multiple devices at the same  time to the internet thereby facilitating man to machine and machine to machine interactions.

As we have seen in our page, Industries Using IoT, IoT is not restricted to any single field, lets understand in brief How IoT works.

A complete IoT system integrates four distinct components: sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing, and a user interface.

1. Sensors / devices - As the first step, sensors or devices help in collecting every minute data from the surrounding environment.  The complexity of the collected data may vary a simple temperature reading  or a complex full video feed. If we consider our mobile phone, it is a device with multiple sensors, It itself is not a sensor. It does multiple things through the sensors like multiple sensors such as GPS, accelerometer, camera. 
Be it a standalone sensor or a device with bundled sensors, the main step is data collection.

2. Connectivity - Next, this data is to be sent to the Cloud. But How? Through a medium. The sensors/devices can be connected to the cloud through a variety of methods including: cellular, satellite, WiFi, Bluetooth, low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN), or connecting directly to the internet via ethernet.
Depending on the requirement to be fulfilled, the medium chosen should be appropriate because all above said mediums vary in power consumption, range, and bandwidth.

3. Data processing - Once the data is collected and it reaches the cloud, the custom built IoT software performs processing on the same. This could be as simple as checking whether the temperature reading in the room or your car is within an acceptable range or not or it can be as complex as keeping a check on unexpected movements in your house or kids room or keeping a check on untimely machines switched on in your factory.

4. User Interface - Through the custom built IoT application by Delhi's most reliable IoT software and hardware company, you can check any data very conveniently on your mobile phone or on your laptop while in your car seat or a cafe. This software also enables to take prompt action automatically as per pre defined terms. In such a case the upcoming danger is managed and avoided even in your absence.
Let's see a basic situation that you have left your AC on by mistake. Once your house door gets locked, the AC shall shut down automatically, even if you forgot to do that manually. In case there's a fire and smoke situation, the sensors and the system will work  promptly and the App will do its task of sending a notification to the emergency numbers you have commanded it to.

The IoT softwares  built by our developers are pretty flexible. You can make any changes to it as per your current needs and it would work in a back step manner from the App t o the sensor resetting itself as per your command and providing alerts accordingly thereafter.

We'll talk more about IoT in other posts. Do get in touch with Us for any web solutions.


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