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Organic SEO versus Paid SEO

Organic SEO versus Paid SEO

Your 8 year old son uses Google to find her favorite game, your 15 year young girl uses Google to look for her assignment material, your 24 year old nephew uses Google to decide over his mobile, you use Google to look out for the best company providing you home cleaning or baby care while you are away at work, your 54 year old mother uses Google to pick a new recipe for your weekend dinner, Your 60 year old father uses Google to find the best suitable physiotherapist close to his house.

What brings you all those Reliable results on Google search? Organic SEO / organic search engine optimization does that. Our SEO services company in India has been serving global clients from all industries to reach out to and be accessible to their online visitors through our organic SEO services in Delhi.

Search engines connect us with the precise information we need and additional assistance about the same. With every industry standing up to millions of competitors offering the same services or products, a visitor will hardly go beyond the fifth page. And hence these positions are so highly desired and tried for. Amongst several sources of traffic, the two that are most used are Paid and Organic search. You would also hear about Local SEO and Organic SEO.

Local search engine optimization basically refers to the practice of establishing reliability and relevant signals around a specific location, that is it is location centric. This strategy benefits local businesses like a baby day care, yoga studio, a crockery store or a pizza cafe to reach the customers in their vicinity.

Organic search engine optimization has little to do with specific location, but concentrates on whether your website is relevant enough to certain searches like a recipe, study material, looking for a good surgeon in the whole country or the best cloud based software development company in India .

Now speaking of Organic SEO versus Paid SEO –

The simplest and most important difference between the two is Cost. While organic search focuses on efforts made on search engine optimization to optimize the site’s visibility or rankings, paid search focuses on paying for a prominent spot in search results. Organic SEO asks for patience and efforts and doesn’t deliver instant results as does the PPC but organic SEO results are more reliable and serve for much longer by boosting credibility and attracting relevant users. The results of organic SEO are completely based on the quality and content of the page. Your site grabs a good position in search results only if Google is sure your content is relevant and of good quality and so does the visitor get and impression about your company, products and services.

Moving up the rankings is difficult as you not only have to compete with the already existing good guys but also the new ones joining the race on daily basis. But once you reach good rankings and put in regular effort to maintain the same, organic seo services will reap you much sweeter and better quality fruits than the paid alternative.

It’s important you hire a professional and experienced SEO expert in India who does not use Black Hat SEO techniques which are illegal in the eyes of Google and might show instant results to make you happy but later might cause much harm or penalty. Google has a set of algorithms that decide the quality of a website. When you have reached good ranking through organic SEO that means those algorithms have visited all pages of all the websites competing for those keywords and has found yours being one of those that are reliable and offers useful information according to what your user is trying to find out in their query.

Paid techniques are good when you just need to boost your sales and come in visibility instantly. Paid search results are basically advertisements that the companies pay for in order to rise above the organic results in the fastest way possible.

Choice is yours, which way you wish to gain business!

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