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What Industries Can Benefit From a CRM Software

What Industries Can Benefit From a CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management, a term that was catered to improving customer relationships, today, acts as a single arsenal to club your sales, marketing, and customer support efforts together, and streamline your process, policy, and people on same podium. The increased online competition in all industries and decreasing customer loyalty to particular vendors because of availability options demands for increased focus on the nurturing of customer relationships and hence the emrgence and success of Customer Relationship Management Softwares. 

There must be hardly any running industry that doesn't use CRM, however the depth and type varies. Let's talk of a major few.

Retail industry -

Retail CRM is not just about maintaining contact data. To support good sale of products, main goal is to attract an increasing number of consumers by marketing and advertising their goods. CRM for retailers can integrate features like POS data to sketch a detailed analysis of customers, sales goals, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The business is held together by activities carried out by a meshwork of departments like production, supply, operation, finance and database management, not to miss, customer reviews and opinions.

Hotels -

With the help of effective CRM solutions hotels and hospitality sector are able to maintain databases of their potential guests in an organized and accessible way,assisting in maintaining strong relations by revealing frequent customers who provide the maximum potential. CRM software for hotels has effective marketing automation tools embedded, which helps in auto-emailing, marketing automation and various modules that help in designing marketing strategies for more effective marketing. A professionally built model substantially improves the use of customer data and analytics to the company's benefit.

Financial/Banking - 

Companies that offer financial services and banks are defnitely enjoying benefits by the use of an effective CRM solution. The new technology helps these businesses create targeted offers and identify high-value customers. With improved communication by maximising use of customer data and effective surveys, this also helps finance businesses to win customer trust through automated key tasks and streamlined processes. Undoubtedly, it helps in reducing the total cost to ownership and extend the value of their investment through intuitive tools of customization and a comprehensive integration of existing embedded sub-systems within the organizations.

Education -

Educational institutions have been lately recognizing that prospective and in order to support their students,to build stronger relationships with students and other constituents, its important to focus right from admissions and enrolment, student services, and financial aid, counselling and swift online responses and CRM is a single solution to all and more. A well built education CRM software enriches the relationship with the new students as well as the alumni through attractive and eefctive features like prospect management, student reports, student segmentation and contact management etc. Educational CRM solutions adapt to the unique contextual characteristics and requirements of institutional end users. Read More, HERE.


According to Accenture, 80% of policyholders would switch insurers to get more personalized service. Hence, the importance of establishing a one to one relationship between the advisor and customer.
Tailormade Insurance CRM solutions serves as a platform that collates customer interactions across various channels with the help of data gathered from multiple systems of core insurance. Through the extensive data collection, analysis and integration with artificial intelligence techniques, creating a comprehensive information file with a complete database for every client becomes possible. A cloud based CRM here assists in effective handling of the increased expectations by policyholders in terms of customer service experience and prompt handling of claims. 

Agriculture -

Features like crop monitoring, apps to  monitor crop development, monitoring and managing logistics and transportation to destinations, client contact and deal management etc not only help in building good relationships with clients but also provide effective management of agricultural processes. This gives an oppurtunity to keep track of your team in the field while working remotely for your sales and marketing.

Consulting -

A successful consulting firm stands on the effectiveness of its process and its operational aspects alongwith the advisors’ skills. A custom developed cloud based CRM  helps you to collect data, send automatic emails and task reports, keep track of current and prospective clients, schedule and work out strategies to increase sales. It assists you in greater obility without hindering your tasks.

Pharma/Healthcare -

Healthcare and phara industry is all about being in regular touch with your patient and the customer supplying the healthcare services. This solution helps you establish strong customer relationship and deliver customer-centric services. Not only is this an effective way to manage your contacts, sales & marketing processes, and improve the performance of your team running in the feild, CRM solutions are aimed at improving your relationship with your customers, service users, distributors and suppliers. Read about Healthcare CRM and Pharma CRM for more details.

Transportation and Airlines-

This industry requires decisions to be made in a timely manner and with absolute precision, alongwith offering travels and transport in a reasonable amount. CRM enables them to streamline the processes, have better control across all departments, provide enhanced data security, process automation, logistic control and trouble solving. All this in turn reduces operational costs, the benefit of which can be enjoyed as reduced fares by the customer.

Telecom -

CRM in the telecom industry serves as a powerful tool to increase sales and improve customer engagement by assisting the operators in managing and controlling customer turnover through easy and precise flow and collection of information. This also makes it easy for the managers to reassign tasks and shift accounts as and when required. A seamless transfer of responsibilities improves customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. 

Manufacturing - 

Right from providing a near accurate demand forecasting to assisting in improving the supply chain, a CRM has many benefits for this industry. Manufacturing is a sector of demand and supply and all it relies upon is data, its precise comparison and the best forecasting, which is all possible by an efficient CRM software. Read more  about Why does manufacturing industry need a CRM, HERE.

Service industry - 

Any kind of service industry requires prcise marketing to boost their revenue. Cloud based CRM system working on artificial intelligence collects and analyses data effectively allow up-selling for the companies utilizing the buying habits of customers. With better data and analysis, a better communication is established which works in favor of the company.

Sports/entertainment -

Changing customer preferences and challenges in the economy calls in for customer retention all the more. Many sports teams and media agencies rely on CRM software to help them create, build and manage fan relationships. Smooth communication, understanding fan interest by collecting data and analysing performance metrics, account activities, client interactions etc enables the managers and sales team to advertise and reach out to the prospective customer sooner and in an effective manner.

Customer Relationship Management is a system that not only helps in generating a larger revenue but also helps in making the bet possible use of the available resources of the companies to its benefit.
Read HERE about the basic features of a CRM system that serve all industries.

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