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What Do You Mean By Dirty Data in CRM ?

What Do You Mean By Dirty Data in CRM ?

CRM, Customer Relationship Management Software is a cloud based software developed to manage and enhance a company's reciprocity and relationships with its current and potential customers. Although now this software development has become a need for every industry but it isn't a new concept. You can have a peep into how it originated in our blog - How Old Do You Think Is The Concept Of CRM 

This solution helps you maintain a disciplined customer interaction by tracking leads, auto saving and segregating the data, sending auto replies where required and streamlining the entire process for you. Although this is very much applicable and beneficial in any and all industries, let's see how it benefits the service industry in this blog - Benefits of CRM in Service Industry 

Being so helpful, can this too have any loopholes? Yes, it can and a good professional CRM development company will bear in mind those possibilities and factors while developing a custom CRM solution for you. Dirty Data is one common thing to speak of here.

What Is Dirty Data?

This term refers to any record that’s basically immaterial, outdated, deficient, duplicate, or simply imprecise. Such data is of no good to the company; instead it’s nothing more than a costly dead weight that can negatively affect the company. For example -

Immaterial or outdated data could be some records that once held true but are no longer acquired by the person they point to, like someone having not used the particular email ID or phone number for years.

Deficient data refers to incomplete information to be able to track a potential customer, like you have the name, his industry and set of requirement but not an email ID or a phone number to get in touch.

Duplicate data means the same or similar information being repeated several times in the record log.

Imprecise or may be even fraudulent data, that is people having filled up fake ID or contact number or irrelevant queries, This could be done by people or bots or competitors.

At times data is submitted in wrong fields or there may be records that crash your software or some information that the CRM isn’t being able to process due to incorrect formatting.

All such data needs to be regularly tracked, checked and cleaned up. We all understand that viable information is the building blocks of sales and profits; hence data quality is an important factor.

Let's see what impact such Dirty Data has on the company and its productivity in our blog here -
Impact of Dirty Data and How to manage it.  

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