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AI improving efficiency of Adaptive Technology

AI improving efficiency of Adaptive Technology

Having talked of Assistive Technology and how it can help in daily living activities in general and specially the assistance it provides in enhancing the quality of life for individuals who have severe disabilities, such as quadriplegia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or who have had massive brainstem strokes. In all cases, there is a clear understanding of how prior experiences, memories in form of stored data can help improve the efficiency of this technology all the more.

This is where we can relate the importance of Machine learning and AI with Adaptive Technology. Like in case of a disabled who requires help  to walk around, special crutches or wheelchairs are being developed based on the motion sensing within their house. The house and the chair are interconnected also connecting the abilities of the person to control his chair on his own. The special wheelchair itself serves as a physical help or you can say AI with AT provides assistance even to the care takers of the disabled to do their job more effectively.

In the hospitals or old age homes,such technologies may even help keep a check on expenses, as increased autonomy of patients would lead to reduced nursing costs and offer a better use of the time and expertise of qualified nursing person. At Microsoft they have already started offering solutions such as real-time speech-to-text transcription, visual recognition services and predictive text functionality.

Speech and image recognition technology is one such form of AT that removes barriers in education for people with disabilities and may be health restrictions like visual impairments, motor skills etc.This as well provides new learning opportunities for people without reading and writing skills in situational cases like preschoolers, immigrants.

 Microsoft has already released their Seeing AI app for people with visual impairment. This App can read a products details by just pointing the phone towards it . It can even describe a persons physical details if you point it towards the person. Same way are coming up smart glasses, cognitive hearing aids etc.

Fusing these technologies, our Delhi based software development company provides customized artificial intelligence softwares to different industries.


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