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Cloud Based Application Development - What Do We Build

Cloud Based Application Development - What Do We Build

Having had a basic understanding of cloud computing in our last post, we can undertsnad about cloud application now. A cloud application, or cloud app, is a software program where cloud-based and local components work in synchronisation with each other, relying on remote servers for processing logic. We need a good continual internet connection that helps in accessing the logic through a web browser. Cloud app servers typically are located in a remote data center operated by a third-party cloud services infrastructure provider.

How can we categorize cloud application in daily life usage -

Online File storage
Photo editing and digital video software
Twitter-related applications
Creating image-album
Web application for antivirus
Word processing application
Presentation software
Finding a way on the map
E-commerce software with secure payment modules
Other applications

Megasoftwares, one of India's most reliable cloud based application services provider works with you minutely to clearly define requirements and assist in providing you with the best suitable cloud based application. Ours is the best Web development company in Delhi to fulfill your custom software development and custom website development requirements.
Our cloud-based services relieve you from the hassle of hosting, servers and other worries. Following are a few we take into consideration:
- data storage, archiving data, accessing and in case of disaster recovery
- secure and reliable analytics
- up to date and low-cost web sites and web app hosting
- low-cost maintenance of the applications
- advanced computing solutions to resolve complex problems
- wide-ranging services to develop mobile apps
- IoT services  to scale billions of devices
- cloud based softwares like CMS, EMS, CRM etc
- Accelerated delivery of audio/video content, APIs

We have successfully delivered cloud based solutions globally serving companies and organizations in various industries and domains like energy utilities, hardware, product manufacturing, healthcare, sports, education etc.


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