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Impacts of Dirty Data and how to keep it clean .

Impacts of Dirty Data and how to keep it clean .

Having understood What is dirty data, let's understand how it can affect a business or an organization.

Since valid information is the key to streamlined and pleasant customer experience and management, dirty data not only leads ineffectual communication, be it within the company or with the customers. This then leads to wasted efforts and resources and hence loss in productivity. The impacts can be minor or ruinous, it might lead to losing a customer or even as woeful as bearing a major financial devaluation due to inventory or information problems. For example -

Inappropriate data in a medical case can lead to wrong surgery or may be wrong entries in the inventory can cause unavailability of an emergency medicine costing a patient his life.
Inconsistent information in a financial institution can cause transactional havocs.
Bad data leads to wrong forecasts and wrong investments causing huge losses to product industry and spoiling a brand's reputation and revenue.

Imagine any industry, a cycle manufacturer, a pharma company, a grocery store, a home cleaning service company and you can easily imagine how Dirty Data can cause an aftermath. So, what to do about this? When you hire a professional CRM development company in India, it takes complete care of making you aware of the possible situations and what features can be included to avoid the same to their best capacity. Although the unforeseen can pop up anytime but a reliable software development company is always ready to face challenges and find solutions for the same.

Cleaning up dirty data is cumbersome but it’s equally necessary. Some steps that can be taken in this respect could be -

Analyzing the existing data and segregating what needs immediate attention.
Establish standardized data collection rules like avoiding abbreviations, use a standardized dictionary for auto spell and develop constraints like making some fields mandatory or adding a captcha.
Keep an auto check for duplicate data
Have an auto update when an existing data is opened or changed

Not moving into the technical specifications and terms, hire a good company to do all this and keep your mind at peace so that you can focus on multiplying your business rather than cleaning the garbage.

To understand the Value of Quality Data, read our blog here.

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