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Guest Blogging Benefits to your SEO

Guest Blogging Benefits to your SEO

Guest blogging is basically a two way process benefitting the author as well as the website where the post displays. This refers to writing a blog or an article to be published on some other website other than your's. Any professional SEO company in India would recommend using guest blogging for SEO to improve the ranking of the website.Usually, guest posts are written and published for free, and the guest post author receives backlinks in return. Counted under SEO services in Mohali, guest posting is a very good way of building backlinks for your website, which assists in growing your reputation online and driving traffic to your website. So, the blog you post on as a guest writer gets fresh content for the readers and you get backlinks, mutual benefit.

Let's see how Guest blogging will benefit your business.

Improves your brand presence and authority-
Content is King, however way it might be, on your own site or on your guest post. Quality content instills trust of your prospective customers in your brand and service. Relevant facts and figures or links to the products in case of a product industry play a vital role here.

Organic backlinks -
Natural backlinks, in both quality and quantity are a factor considered by Google to determine the ranking of the site. Besides quality content, putting backlink to your website through a quality keyword brings the benefit of the off page SEO technique. You can write guest blogs as per the topics for websites like ShoutMeLoud, SEMrush, mashable, Hubspot, falconhive etc

Increase Traffic -
Once you have stepped foot into the guest blogging journey, you shall keep adding on backlinks which will effectively bring you organic traffic.

Constructive feedback and generating leads -
Guest blogs usually have a readers comment section. People share their thoughts and experiences related to your content there which not only assist them to know about your company but also assists you in turn to get an insight from the community. Interaction with your public heightens the probability of making business connections. Make sure the page you are linking your post to has a call to action button.

Choosing to post on popular blogs -
By participating at popular blogs and sharing quality informational content, you have a channel through which you can make your prospective buyers immediately aware of your products or services hence shortening the sales cycle. Some site owners even share selcted guest posts on their social media pages, they earn readers for the unique content and you earn prospective buyers. And if you had written a quality article, the possibility of social media sharing and more awareness gets all the more brighter.

Improves you own skills and experience - 
As you read to write and keep writing, you gain experience and also polish your own writing skills. This gives you thebenefit of creating better content for your own website and gaining user interest and confidence. And better the content, happier is Google and you can see that in your SEO ranking.

There are many websites that offer to publish your post for free and you can start from there to understand all this better. Some of such websites are -

Bloggers Passion  

The Blog Herald 

HubSpot Blog  


Make a Living Writing  

Gimmio Blog  

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